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Panic attacks‭. ‬Social anxiety‭. ‬Stress‭.‬

We all experience anxiety from time to time, sometimes in small doses and other times in bigger ways which affect our physiology and can cause panic attacks, stress and other responses within our body. It can sometimes start off slowly with a negative inner dialogue or self-belief which can soon spiral out of control. Or it can come all at once in a particular stress inducing setting.

Whichever way it affects you, the good news is, you do not have to be controlled or defined by anxiety. Some of the keys to beating anxiety include changing belief patterns, learning effective redirecting of thoughts and creating change through action.

Sometimes it can feel there is no reason at all for the anxiety to be present and it can be difficult to identify the cause. Looking at your underlying connection with a particular system (be it work, relationships, specific situations or settings) can help unravel the emotional responses attached. Through looking at your values, thought processes and your individual interpretation of the world we can start to discover the deeper causes of the discomfort linked to the systems which affect you.

Once you have these keys to unlock negative patterns, you can use them next time you are in a situation where anxiety could easily return. You will be able to recognise the trigger, witness the feeling, and quickly change its course before it grows into something unmanageable.

Anxiety is a learned response and is one you can unlearn through a number of useful tools specific to you which we can discover together.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation and to find out more about how you can help yourself.

If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may be experiencing any of the above conditions, it is advisable to consult your GP or medical practitioner for advice.

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