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Post-Pandemic: Adapting to the new face of the workplace

In the changing world of working environments it can be increasingly difficult to galvanise your team and to recreate the sense of cohesion found in the office space when working remotely.

We offer tailored workshops on the new face of working digitally in a team in the current pandemic landscape. Contact us for more information on the digital sessions we have developed around:

  • How to offer the right mental health support for your team around Covid-19 issues affecting them
  • Tools on how to be an effective remote manager and team leader
  • Tips on how to galvanise and support your team to work together remotely
  • Professional resilience: learn how stress affects the brain and discover techniques to deal with uncertainty and change in the workplace
  •  1:1 support for team members in need of extra emotional and mental health support in navigating the challenges of working from home including isolation and lack of motivation

Professional Training Workshops

Often we have the right team put together for a task and we just need to invest a little extra time in their individual strengths or weaknesses to get the best out of what they can achieve.

Online sessions can be booked for your team to attend and take part in as part of their ongoing employee engagement and professional development training.

We have a variety of packages and tailor-made workshops on areas including:

  • Interpersonal and rapport building skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Public speaking tools
  • Confidence in sales
  • Team values and integration
  • Presentation skills

Contact to receive the full list of workshops we provide.

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