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At First Step: Motherhood Coaching & Community we understand that the journey into motherhood is a transformative and deeply personal experience. While it’s filled with joy and love, it can also be accompanied by significant challenges along the way.

Through our group coaching workshops and 1-1 coaching sessions, we are here to guide new mothers on this incredible journey, helping you regain your sense of self and find a supportive community of like-minded mothers who are experiencing the same transitions.

We are Sukhi and Felicity, executive coaches, and we met on a prenatal course in Edinburgh.

We quickly became lifelong friends and supported each other through the birth of our boys and their first years.

We feel incredibly lucky to have met each other and want to create a supportive community of new mothers to be able to access coaching and support whilst finding the same lasting bonds for themselves.


Meet the Team

Hi I’m Felicity and I have been coaching professionals for 15 years in the NHS,

local government, non-profit, and currently in my role as Head of Talent and

Leadership Development at the Financial Times.

Having worked in learning and talent development throughout my career, I have coached individuals and facilitated teams to be at their best and achieve their goals. I believe anyone should have access to a coach to support their careers and, having gone through it, I firmly believe this is true for motherhood too! My partner and I moved to Edinburgh in 2020 and started our family here. I look forward to supporting the community of mums through my coaching expertise and experience.

Hi, I’m Sukhi! With over 10 years experience in the legal sector as a qualified Solicitor, I re-trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and set up my own Coaching business to utilise my passion of helping people create meaningful change.

Focussing on the connections between neurological processes, language, and behavioural patterns, I use NLP tools to guide individuals through anxiety and confidence issues, whilst building on their personal development. I use these techniques in the training programmes I have created for charitable and corporate organisations, and whilst working in a leading Learning & Development company to help individuals reach their professional goals. And I am excited to help you reach your goals too!

Our Services

Group workshops
We host group workshops providing a strength of community among mothers. We facilitate exercises and discussions to guide you through the topics covered in each session. Every member will have an in-depth discovery call with us before the session to help us understand where you are on your journey.
Workshops are tailored to topics such as:

  • Reclaiming your sense of Identity
  • Tools for dealing with stress
  • Career coaching: including – returning to work, becoming a stay at home mum, starting a new business
  • Dealing with transition phases: including – starting nursery, leaving your baby for the first time, separation anxiety

1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

Our collective experience as coaches provides one-on-one support, helping new mothers overcome milestones, deal with emotional challenges, rediscover their passions, and set personal goals. We tailor our coaching sessions to address each mother’s unique journey

Sessions are online or in-person

Upcoming Workshops

Reclaiming your sense of Identity

Exercises & tools to help mothers reclaim and understand their sense of identity after becoming a parent

Career Coaching

Dealing with career challenges like returning to work, becoming a stay at home mum & starting a new business

Developing tools for dealing with stress

Tools and support for dealing with stress, explore ways to set boundaries and ask for help, develop strategies to prioritise your own well-being

Conference House, 152 Morrison Street, The Exchange, Edinburgh EH3 8EB

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